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Persuasive Writing Speech – Social Media is Harmful

– Social Media is Harmful –

Back in 2020, us kiwis spent just under 2 hours a day, on the variety of sites provided on social media. Today I will be talking about the dangers of this community, how easy it is to deceive a person/audience, why these multiple sites have a big impact on mental disorders and how kids can access content inappropriate for their age in today’s online community. 


About 20,000 people get catfished online each year. People can lose money, get emotionally invested and become so devastated that they may never trust again. Romantic feelings aren’t always involved, a friendly relationship can also be formed, but both have the same impact. While influencers don’t catfish people, they sure do portray a different identity. To an audience or their hundred thousands of followers. If we take a look behind the screen and see what their lives are actually like, there’s much more to it. 


49% of 18-24 year olds suffer from a mental health problem as a result of social media usage. Being on a platform like TikTok or Instagram can have a huge impact on a person’s well-being. It can heighten the chances of a mental disorder, such as depression or anxiety. The unrealistic body standards pressure people into having the perfect body. This destroys their self esteem and creates unhealthy habits. Most people lose sleep from social media and devices in general. Our bodies need sleep to function properly, so when this happens it can be extremely damaging. 


Kids are exposed to harmful content online. Whether its Extremely violent, sexually explicit or/and age inappropriate. An example of this is a male called Andrew Tate. He has recently got banned from all social media accounts, but has left a huge online footprint. With a sum of 5 million followers combined from his Instagram and Youtube. Andrew promotes sexual, emotional and physical abuse towards women. On his social platforms women are viewed as objects. His audience is predominantly younger boys, boys who see this and think he’s a good influence. Content like this can damage a child’s morals and mental state. 


Social media is a big part of life in today’s time and age. As talked about before, it is very harmful because of things like identity theft, the impact on mental disorders and unhealthy content for our younger generation. We ignore the problems on social media until it is too late. Like all things the online community has its pros and cons, but let’s stay on the positive side of social media. 

Persuasive Speech/Poster – Literacy

Task Description:

Today in Literacy we were tasked to make a poster and a speech to persuade our viewer into wanting to buy our product. I chose a Spatula, and tried to make my speech as appealing as possible.

Are you sick of burning your fingers? Need an easier way to flip your food? Buy a spatula! You can buy one with a rubber flipper, or for a cheaper price a steel one. Not only can it flip your food , but it can also transfer food, from your pan to your plate. So buy yourself a spatula for only $3.99 today, a steel spatula for $2.99. Buy one now and get one 10% off. This deal is only lasting for 4 hours. 

Information Report – Hippos

Information Report – Hippos

The hippo is the  third largest land species on earth. With 36 teeth and the bite force stronger than a lion, you don’t want to mess with this mammal. Swimming in rivers is their fun time. While protecting the newborn is most important. Their unique features protect the hippo from the harsh African sun. This is a lot of information, and there is much more.

You can find the hippo relaxing in the slow moving rivers and lakes of Africa. They live in warm fahrenheit, liking their waters from 18-35 degrees celsius. Outside of the river they enjoy finding fruits and lawns of short grass, called hippo lawns. The species are herbivores meaning they only eat plants, fruits and veggies.Finishing their day with only 40kg of food each night (a female weighs 1500 kg on average).

Weight at birth can vary from 25kg-45kg. The female calves mature at the age of 5-6 years, and the males at 7 years. They are expected to live up to the age of 36. Closest relatives are pigs, whales and dolphins. To calves crocodiles, hyenas, lions and leopards are a threat. However, the most dangerous threat is their own species. There are up to 30 hippos in one family, when disagreements/fights occur the calves can get squashed. This happens very often.

The hippo or water horse (Greek meaning) is very robust. Because of the huge amount of skin they have, it needs to be kept wet for most of the day. This protects it from getting dry and harmed from the sun.True sweat glands are not a thing in the hippo world. Instead a thick red substance called blood sweat releases from their pores. Creating a thick layer on top of their skin preventing infections and sunburn. Even though water is in their name, these animals can’t actually float because of how heavy they are.

The hippo species is very interesting, with many more facts to be learned. Their living situation, diet, family life and features are only a few of the many amazing secrets the hippo holds. Their good sense of hearing and smell helps them survive in the dangerous jungles. Calves grow up fast learning new things at a fascinating speed. They can also see, breathe and hear underwater. What isn’t there to love about this species?

The Lost City – Narrative Writing

The lost City

100% of people who have tried to find The City of Miracles have failed. Either lacking the knowledge of where this city is, or dying in the process of fulfilling their dreams. Their dream was to be first, in the articles, in the news and the first to find the city. Although this dream is great, it isn’t for me. My dream is to be the first person to see the city. A memory was all I needed and wanted.

Legend says that The City of Miracles or often called Miracle City, was the perfect city. Grass pure green, the freshest water, big mountains shaped flawlessly and houses built for kings and queens. People often thought this was great, but what was so special? It’s in the name, Miracle City. Just stepping a foot into the city would give you miracle after miracle. A reason for anyone to want to find the city. Who wouldn’t want good luck for the rest of their life?

Finding a lost city is not easy. If it was, it would definitely be discovered already. It was going to take a lot of work to find it. Usually I prefer an easy job, but if the reward is high I’m willing to take the risk. Rummaging through desks of paper, I found my map. The city was supposed to be in the Pacific Ocean, near Tahiti. Searching for coordinate after coordinate, I had finished with two destinations. One at the top of Tahiti and one at the bottom. There was only one way to find out which one was The City of Miracles.

Staring out a plane window I was seated in SA1 R26. Blue oceans and green mountains filled my eyesight. The polynesian islands were beautiful. SQUEAK! A loud sound came from the plane wing. 

“It’s your captain here speaking. We’re sorry for the light turbulence. We’ll be right back on track.” It was reassuring, but still a bit scary. 

“Get ready for landing.” With that the seatbelt sign went on. The wheels squeaked as they glided out of the plane. SHOOOM! Our plane slid on the smooth concrete. We made it to Tahiti safely, now it was time to explore the country of Tahiti.

The airport that I flew to was just a little while away from the first destination. The one at the top of Tahiti was beautiful, this was the one I was most excited for. My cab drove through the roads of Tahiti. By the calculations of the coordinates the first destination should be right on the tip of the beach. Suddenly the car stopped. 

“Hey I’m sorry, but you’ll have to take the rest on foot.” His English was a bit rusty, but very good for a Tahitian man.

“Yep, that’s fine, thanks for the ride!” I gave him the money required with a generous tip. I began my journey to the beach nervous for what was ahead. 

Now realising why I had to walk the rest of the way, I trenched over fallen trees. Leaves cracked under my feet, and birds chirped in the distance. It was a magnificent sight. I heard the noise of a snake behind me. I turned around and… AHHHHH!!! I ran as fast as I could trying my hardest not to trip over the branches. The snake sped up and I was terrified. I tripped and fell to the ground. It shook as I toppled down. I wasn’t that heavy right? It opened up and I fell through the stiff soil. What was happening?

To my surprise I was floating through the air! I twisted my body and I let out a huge sigh of relief. There it was, The City of Miracles. I was finally here. It was outstanding. You couldn’t describe it in words. I floated down to the islands beneath me. It was beautiful. My eyes were overflowing with amazing sights. My dream had finally been fulfilled.


Ogre and The Princess

Ogre was an unloved fellow. Smelly, weird appetite, unique looks and old clothes. Although he was kind and helpful people seemed to see past that. Except for the beloved Princess. Her name was Elenor, happy, smart, adventurous Elenor. The whole town loved her, she was soon to be married. She didn’t want to get married, but the only way she could save her kingdom was to have a man by her side… 

Ogre lived in the trenches of the forest. This is where the Live for Evil group settled long ago. They were a bad group of creatures and people, trying to take over the kingdom. The group was angry that Elenor didn’t have a strong man to rule by her side. Elenor thought otherwise, she knew that she could rule the kingdom as a strong princess. Even though Elenor felt this way she wanted to save her kingdom so she agreed to an arranged marriage. Princess Elenor was soon to be Queen Elenor.

Prince Alexander was soon to be ruler of Elenors kingdom. Elenor despised him, he had a horrible heart and only wanted power. Again though, she only did this to save her kingdom. To clear her head Elenor would go for long strolls through the fields. One day while picking the flowers she spotted Ogre. She had only met Ogre once, but they connected like they had been friends forever. Ogre held his spiked bat as he walked up to Elenor. 

“Hello Ogre!” Elenor was delighted to see him. 

“Why on earth are you holding that bat?” Ogre looked confused. 

“Haven’t you heard? Live for Evil are coming to invade the kingdom at dawn!” Elenors face went numb, the marriage wasn’t arranged until next month. Elenor was going to have to think fast. This problem had to be solved.

“It’s Seven O’clock, so there is about ten hours before they arrive.” Elenors thinking face showed. She was desperate to find a solution. Ogre turned to her slowly.

“Did they say the marriage had to be in a romantic way?” Elenor looked in hope. 

“What do you mean?”

“You could marry me, but not in a romantic way. It could be a marriage in friendship. Then if you wanted you could divorce me days,weeks or months later.”

“Wait your right, they said nothing about a romantic partner.” Elenor hugged Ogre,

“Thank-you so much for everything Ogre! Meet me at the palace at nine o’clock. I’ll send invitations to everyone!” With that she ran off, with a happy expression all over her face. 

Ogre arrived at the palace in his best clothes, Elenor was wearing a plain dress, blue with flowers. They stood in the far end of the church as people rushed in, including the Live for Evil. The people looked surprised to see a beautiful princess with a lonely Ogre. Elenor didn’t care though, she always said Anything for my kingdom. Saying their vowels it seemed the whole world had gone back to normal. Little did Elenor know, Ogre was a part of the whole plan….

The hidden Cabin – Writing


Task Description:

This week our writing task was to pick a picture (laminated pieces of paper) and write a story about it. I chose a picture which had a cabin inside a forest. Read my story to find out more.



A cabin could never harm anyone, right? It’s a big piece of wood, all it could ever do is give you a splinter. Right? I’m sure that’s what most normal people think, but after seeing this. I could never be normal again…

Great Nana Tuffin had just passed. I didn’t exactly know the old lady. Although this was the case, I still felt a sad aura around. My father, Bruce Tuffin, always had red eyes. All the tissues in the house had suddenly disappeared in seconds. I guess dad was quite the opposite of me. He was close with Nana Tuffin. My mother, Carley Tuffin, didn’t know the oldy either. All she could do was let dad grief. There was nothing I could do for dad, I just sat there, staring into the foggy window. Lettin the night fall.

A week had now passed, and dad had gotten back on his feet. Father was back to housekeeping, and mother was back to working. It was the school holidays, so I was home with dad. There was nothing to do. I have a screen limit, so all I could do was sit here in boredom. A few hours had passed, and I started to help dad prepare dinner. We had just transferred the lamb into the oven. Father jumped as the doorbell rang. 

“I’ll get it!” I shouted, even though it was just me and dad home. My arm lifted to the handle, but the door just opened. Pushing it out of my way I glared into the distance. There was no one there? How odd. I was just about to close the door, when my eyes catched something on the floor. It was an envelope, just an envelope, nothing else. Very strange…  

To be quite honest, father was a bit spooked by this mishap. He was a brave man, or at least I thought he was. There was no name, address or even a post stamp. 

“You open it Eli.” His voice cracked, it was sharp.

“What about your last name, dad? Aren’t you supposed to be Tuff-in situations like these?” The silence was very loud, and dad did not look too amused. So I just grabbed the letter and slid my finger under the creavese. It was a bit of a struggle, but I managed. I peeked inside and turned to dad. 

“Dad do you want to-,” Father was gone. 

“I guess not then.” The nerves started to kick in. 

Just open it! 

Flipping the envelope upside down there was a jingle and a flop. I stared down at the contents inside. 

“What the f-”

A key and a letter. How interesting. Hesitating, I picked up the letter and swiped it open. The smell of oak travelled out. 


That’s a bit creepy if you ask me! It sounds like something a killer would say to you. It has to be some sort of joke, right? The only thing that was bugging me was the key. What could it possibly be for? 

“Dad!” No response.

“Dad!” No response. 

“Dad! Mum bought a Snickers home for you!” Still no response. Something was definitely wrong. I ran upstairs pounding my feet on the pieces of wood. Fathers door was open. I called him one last time.

“Dad!” No response. I peeked inside, there he was. Just standing there. As still as a dead person. 

“Dad, are you ok?!” My feet trudged through the creme carpet. Fathers shoulder met my palm. No movement came out of the man. It was as if he was frozen. His eyes big, and his body still. 

No this can’t be happening right now. Surely I’m in a dream, right? Surely if I just slap myself, or even pinch my wrist I’ll wake up, right? 

SLAP! My hand swept across my face, leaving a red print… This wasn’t a dream. It was real.

Please be ok father. I don’t want to lose you again. 

Running down the stairs I nearly slipped. My breath was heavy, my palms were sweaty, I felt as if I could vomit on my sweater, I was unsteady. I ran out the door, only to find that not only my father had been frozen. But the whole street was frozen. Who was going to help me now?

I went back into my kitchen and stared at the marble bench. The note was gone, and so was the envelope. There was only the key, and the key only. I picked it up, the cold copper touching my skin. Imprinted were 2 numbers, reading – 67891 N – and – 54238 S. I snatched my laptop off of the lounge table, and searched up those numbers. It eventually led me to coordinates and an address. This place was in my hometown! It was close, and I was willing to find it. Or according to the mysterious note, find her.

After memorising the address, I grabbed my bike and peddled through the streets of my town. Seeing all of the people frozen really hit home. For some stupid reason, I started to get emotional! I was about 5 minutes away, and I was ready to get to this place. The key rattled in my pocket. Butterflies hatched in my stomach, making me feel sick. To be quite honest, I was starting to get a bit spooked by the whole situation. Just like that I was there. Ready to see what wonders or disasters were ahead. 

Standing there astonished, the coordinates guided me to a forest. Hesitating, I walked in, kicking the grass and mud on the ground. Bugs flew around, making my nose itch. Soon enough I reached a…Cabin?! I walked towards the mysterious piece of wood. I reached for the handle and twisted it, but it was locked. I think I understand what the key was for now. My eyes switched to the door handle, and there I saw the same coordinates as the ones on the key. This had to be it. I slid the key into the slot, it fit like a glove. Twisting the key, I heard a click. The door was open. Pushing the stubborn wood I got a glimpse of the inside. I could see plants, drawings and beautiful paintings. But as I opened the door further, I saw her. 

“I thought you’d never come. Nana Tuffin missed you, darling ~.”

Character Description #3 – Writing

A basketball player from the USA loved her sport. Shaniqua was a dark skinned women, her hair was curly and her eyes big. Shaniqua loved her family, she had 2 brothers and 1 sister. She was the best basketball player at her school and in her state. Her best friend was named Raven, Raven was artistic, but had no interest for sport. Shaniqua was goofy, but on the court she was competitive. Shaniqua was a basketball prodigy.