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Russian Invasion – Literacy

This week we are focusing on reading, our group is reading about the Russian invasion. We have read a text, and then answered questions. Watched a video and then answered more questions. The final task being a letter to Mr Putin himself. Personally I don’t have an opinion, but what is yours? Enjoy 🙂

Explanation Essay – Topic 1 Practice: G.I is the best community in NZ

Task Description:

Yesterday we practised the introduction of an explanation essay. Today we practised our 1st topic paragraph with the introduction/plan from yesterday. The 1st topic paragraph had to be 6 sentences.



The community puts their full trust into our community centres to entertain our people. Places like Te Oro, where people can dance, sing and have fun. It was created as a group project by the local community, the iwi, Auckland council, the architectural firm Archimedia, musicians and artists. The G.I library has a range of  books for everyone, it was established in 1887 and opened on the 26th of March. They can get lost in a magical world or learn facts about dinosaurs. The Pt England reserve, which was recently updated with a beautiful pathway. The community can enjoy the nature on a peaceful walk,run or cycle.

Explanation Essay – My Dream Home

Reading the nutrition daily, floating up my elevator stairs or staring at a statue of Lord Farkward. Either one, today I am going to be talking about My Dream Home. I will be explaining the elements I want, to make my life more luxurious and full. 

The pantries in my house would be the size of a walk in closet. It wouldn’t only have dry foods, but also refrigerated foods. Half of the pantry would be a fridge/freezer, stocked with fruits, vegetables, meat and much more. The other half would hold my dry foods which would be chips, rice, flour etc. Along with a nutrition pad for all of my health needs.

It’s hard walking up stairs, but also boring waiting for the elevator. So I would have multiple escalators all over my house. This would make it more easy and efficient for my body to get from place to place. 

In my personal opinion, Lord Farkward is a handsome cartoon character. I would love to have him in my house, but of course he is fiction. So I would have to make him into a big, bold statue. Having him made out of gold, with diamonds encrusted into his crystally eyes. 

From big pantries to big statues, those are the things I would want in My Dream House. There are many other things I would want in this “Dream House” of mine, but these are the must-haves. Could this house be more than a dream?