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Immersion Assembly Reflection – Term 2 2022

Today was the start of Term 2! As always we had an immersion assembly, the theme for this term is: We Know The Way! The theme is about knowing the way physically, emotionally and spiritually. Team One’s item was about how bee’s navigate there way around the world to collect pollen. Team Two’s item was about compasses and finding lost items using co-ordinates. Team Three’s item was about knowing the way to code and think on the spot. Team Four’s item was a movie about finding your way around the school digitally. Team five’s item was about knowing the way to use a robot. This term our team will be learning how to properly code a robot and make it work.

Dream Holiday – Poster

First Task: For our inquiry task today we had to create our Dream Holiday… With only $15 to spend. We had to pick a Destination, Travelling situation, Accommodation and add on’s. I chose Greece, because I chose an add on that cost $8. This add on was to Pick your own destination.  Second Task: For the second task we had to make a poster of where we were going, with ourselves in it. Since I was going to be staying in a Private Villa that is my background. At the top of the poster I am in the window of a Economy seat, on a plane. Enjoy 🙂

Belonging and Community Workbook – Slides

This term we are learning all about the words BELONGING and COMMUNITY. Throughout the term we are going to be working through this: Workbook. Today we watched a video and answered a few questions. Look at my next blog post to see the Poster!