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Tesla Advertisement/Persuasive pitch – Homework: Literacy

For this weeks literacy task (homework), we had to create an advertisement for a well known brand. After that complimenting it with a persuasive pitch.

Have you ever heard of a car that doesn’t require fuel? If you haven’t you have been living under a rock. A car charged by electricity sound impossible, right? Not for TESLA. In 2021 TESLA was the fastest growing brand worldwide, with a growth rate over 157%. Buy a TESLA today and lets make the world a better place.

Summary: I Am Malala (Prologue) – Homework

The Taliban were out on the streets, and Malala was out at school. Malala was a women who believed that people of the gender: Female, should have the right to go to school. She was top of her class and always made sure to make it, the girls travelled in an old bus. One day the bus stopped suddenly, a man walked in front of the bus, which is what caused the sudden stop. Everyone was confused, wondering what was going on. A man coming from the back jumped into the bus, holding a pistol.

“Which one of you is Malala?!” He shouted.

No one spoke, only looked. Then….  three bullets,  one right through her left eye socket into her shoulder. The others into her friends, Malala was rushed to hospital. This is her story.


Task Description:

This weeks literacy home work was to read a chapter of a book, then do a summary on it. This is a digital book, that we have read for our literacy class. There is only the prologue and first chapter. I read the prologue, so that’s what the summary is about. If you want to read the 2 chapters click: HERE.