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Revision Jeopardy Template – Maths

Today for Maths we made our own jeopardy. This was a revision task so we picked topics that we have worked on this term. I picked 5, Multiplication, Squared/Cubed, BEDMAS, Addition and Subtraction. As you can see there are 5 questions in each sections, from 100-800 points. Lets click on 100, in the section multiplication.

When you click on a number of points it shows the question. This ones pretty easy, because its only worth 100 points. Lets work out 50×2.

Once you have worked out the answer you click the space bar to see if you got it right. If you got 100 you are correct!

Task Description:

This week we have been put into new maths groups! I am in group “H”, we are doing tasks about: Mean Median Mode and Range, Prime and Composite numbers. This presentation: Mean Median Mode and Range task. We are re visiting old things that we have learnt to make sure we know them off by heart. This was a fun task to do, I enjoyed it! Enjoy 🙂