Information Report – Hippos

Information Report – Hippos

The hippo is the  third largest land species on earth. With 36 teeth and the bite force stronger than a lion, you don’t want to mess with this mammal. Swimming in rivers is their fun time. While protecting the newborn is most important. Their unique features protect the hippo from the harsh African sun. This is a lot of information, and there is much more.

You can find the hippo relaxing in the slow moving rivers and lakes of Africa. They live in warm fahrenheit, liking their waters from 18-35 degrees celsius. Outside of the river they enjoy finding fruits and lawns of short grass, called hippo lawns. The species are herbivores meaning they only eat plants, fruits and veggies.Finishing their day with only 40kg of food each night (a female weighs 1500 kg on average).

Weight at birth can vary from 25kg-45kg. The female calves mature at the age of 5-6 years, and the males at 7 years. They are expected to live up to the age of 36. Closest relatives are pigs, whales and dolphins. To calves crocodiles, hyenas, lions and leopards are a threat. However, the most dangerous threat is their own species. There are up to 30 hippos in one family, when disagreements/fights occur the calves can get squashed. This happens very often.

The hippo or water horse (Greek meaning) is very robust. Because of the huge amount of skin they have, it needs to be kept wet for most of the day. This protects it from getting dry and harmed from the sun.True sweat glands are not a thing in the hippo world. Instead a thick red substance called blood sweat releases from their pores. Creating a thick layer on top of their skin preventing infections and sunburn. Even though water is in their name, these animals can’t actually float because of how heavy they are.

The hippo species is very interesting, with many more facts to be learned. Their living situation, diet, family life and features are only a few of the many amazing secrets the hippo holds. Their good sense of hearing and smell helps them survive in the dangerous jungles. Calves grow up fast learning new things at a fascinating speed. They can also see, breathe and hear underwater. What isn’t there to love about this species?

The Zoo Debate – Reading

This week in Literacy class we have worked on debate this week. The topic we were given was: Should Animals be kept in Zoos? This topic is very controversial and there are a lot of reason why and why they shouldn’t be kept in zoos. My opinion on this topic is animals should not be kept in zoos. I researched this topic with Aye and Angelica. To find out more, check out the slides above.

Term 1 Project – Whakatauki Scratch


Last term we worked on a scratch project themed on Whakatauki’s. A Whakatauki is a saying in Maori, there are thousands. I chose the Whakatauki – He waka eke noa or  A waka we are all on together. I had fun making this, but the coding was a bit difficult for me. All you need to do is click the green flag and watch. Enjoy 🙂

The Lost City – Narrative Writing

The lost City

100% of people who have tried to find The City of Miracles have failed. Either lacking the knowledge of where this city is, or dying in the process of fulfilling their dreams. Their dream was to be first, in the articles, in the news and the first to find the city. Although this dream is great, it isn’t for me. My dream is to be the first person to see the city. A memory was all I needed and wanted.

Legend says that The City of Miracles or often called Miracle City, was the perfect city. Grass pure green, the freshest water, big mountains shaped flawlessly and houses built for kings and queens. People often thought this was great, but what was so special? It’s in the name, Miracle City. Just stepping a foot into the city would give you miracle after miracle. A reason for anyone to want to find the city. Who wouldn’t want good luck for the rest of their life?

Finding a lost city is not easy. If it was, it would definitely be discovered already. It was going to take a lot of work to find it. Usually I prefer an easy job, but if the reward is high I’m willing to take the risk. Rummaging through desks of paper, I found my map. The city was supposed to be in the Pacific Ocean, near Tahiti. Searching for coordinate after coordinate, I had finished with two destinations. One at the top of Tahiti and one at the bottom. There was only one way to find out which one was The City of Miracles.

Staring out a plane window I was seated in SA1 R26. Blue oceans and green mountains filled my eyesight. The polynesian islands were beautiful. SQUEAK! A loud sound came from the plane wing. 

“It’s your captain here speaking. We’re sorry for the light turbulence. We’ll be right back on track.” It was reassuring, but still a bit scary. 

“Get ready for landing.” With that the seatbelt sign went on. The wheels squeaked as they glided out of the plane. SHOOOM! Our plane slid on the smooth concrete. We made it to Tahiti safely, now it was time to explore the country of Tahiti.

The airport that I flew to was just a little while away from the first destination. The one at the top of Tahiti was beautiful, this was the one I was most excited for. My cab drove through the roads of Tahiti. By the calculations of the coordinates the first destination should be right on the tip of the beach. Suddenly the car stopped. 

“Hey I’m sorry, but you’ll have to take the rest on foot.” His English was a bit rusty, but very good for a Tahitian man.

“Yep, that’s fine, thanks for the ride!” I gave him the money required with a generous tip. I began my journey to the beach nervous for what was ahead. 

Now realising why I had to walk the rest of the way, I trenched over fallen trees. Leaves cracked under my feet, and birds chirped in the distance. It was a magnificent sight. I heard the noise of a snake behind me. I turned around and… AHHHHH!!! I ran as fast as I could trying my hardest not to trip over the branches. The snake sped up and I was terrified. I tripped and fell to the ground. It shook as I toppled down. I wasn’t that heavy right? It opened up and I fell through the stiff soil. What was happening?

To my surprise I was floating through the air! I twisted my body and I let out a huge sigh of relief. There it was, The City of Miracles. I was finally here. It was outstanding. You couldn’t describe it in words. I floated down to the islands beneath me. It was beautiful. My eyes were overflowing with amazing sights. My dream had finally been fulfilled.