Whakatauki – Maori Proverbs

Today we had our first session of extension, we carried on with our topic about marine life. We learned about Whakatauki, which is Maori Proverbs.  Focusing on the marine Whakatauki we chose one and explained what we thought it meant. The whole extension class did this, having 2-4 slides each. Enjoy 🙂

Explanation Essay – Introduction Practice: G.I is the best community in NZ


G.I, the community that makes a change. This small, but distinctive community is located close to the waters of  Tamaki estuary. It offers schools, with lot’s of learning opportunities. People who are unique and stay true to themselves. You can find most of these people at community centres like Te Oro, or reading a book at our local library.

Task Description:

Yesterday we practised the plan of an explanation essay. Today we practised our introduction with the plan from yesterday. The introduction had to be 5 sentences.

Five women disqualified from Olympics due to clothing infringements – Kiwi Kids News Summary

The International Ski Federation, was barraged from competitors after a number of disqualifications due to clothing in the ski jump competition. The country’s of Germany, Austria, Norway and Japan ached when disqualification fell open their team mates for suit infringements. This causing anger and tears from the competitors.Each team was made up of two women and two men, and all five of those people who were disqualified identified as women.Wind resistance plays a important part in ski jumping, skis and suits are checked by officials to make sure that competitors have not done anything to gain an unfair advantage.The judges at the ski jump declined to comment when asked to do so by Norwegian journalists.

Protests outside NZ Parliament – Kiwi Kids News Summary

A group of people have been camping outside Parliament, protesting against issues around vaccinations and Covid Lockdowns. NZ Police have been involved in the situation, this is to ensure the safety of all people. So far over 100 people have been arrested. In the statement on Friday Wellington District Commander Superintendent Corrie Parnell said police will continue to monitor this protest at Parliament grounds. Police have been trying to move the protesters on their way, with an unsuccessful attempt the Parliament sprinklers have been turned on in a desperate situation. Apparently these sprinklers will remain on until the protesters leave, and will stay on until then. Police stated this afternoon, that misinformation and a “range of different causes and motivations” are the problem. This making it difficult to resolve the heavy situation with the protesters.

Explanation Essay – Plan Practice: G.I is the best community in NZ

G.I is the best community in NZ

  1. There are lots of schools, which gives kids lot’s of learning opportunities.

  • Pt England

  • Tamaki College

  • Ruapotaka Primary

  1. Everyone in the community is unique.

  • LGBT

  • Pacific

  • People with disabilities

  1. There are many places that people around the community can connect and have fun.

  • Te Oro

  • Library 

  • Beach/Reserve 


Task Description:

This week we are learning about Explanation Essays. To write a good essay, you have to have a good plan, so that is what we practised today. I came up with 3 ideas and then added some bullet points/reasons why they make G.I a good place.

Korero of the Week – W2 Play The Right Way


This weeks korero was Play The Right Way. We explained a few tips on how to have a happy and fun playtime. Here are the people who contributed to this slide:

KAMRYN: https://peskamrynp.edublogs.org/

ANGELICA: https://pesangelical.edublogs.org/

AYE: https://pesayemyatl.edublogs.org/

JULIUS: https://pesjuliust.edublogs.org/

WILLIAM: https://peswilliamh.edublogs.org/

ROMAN: https://pesromanw.edublogs.org/

PETERO: https://pespeteroj.edublogs.org/


New Zealands Borders Open up – Kiwi Kids News Summary

New Zealand’s Prime Minster, Jacinda Ardern has announced that New Zealand’s border will open.This announcement was last week, and will only allow fully vaccinated New Zealanders into the country. Along with other eligible travellers from Australia back into New Zealand, this will happen on the 27th of Feb. This border will open in stages starting at the end of February. It will be the first time New Zealand has opened up for nearly two years. Two weeks later, fully Vaccinated people, from all countries can visit NZ.

Source: https://www.kiwikidsnews.co.nz/

Writing Challenge: Six Sentences – TikTok Famous in Samoa

Breaking News! A palangi man that goes by the name of Sour Goodwin, is roaming the streets of Samoa. This TikTok famous, exuberant eagle and renegading rockstar has taken the TikTok world by storm, when he threatened to ban the app for all citizens of Samoa. The description of the man has been released, he has been seen wearing a hippie man bun, with unpleasantly tight trousers. We have an update, Sour Goodwin has been swept away by the aftermath of the tsunami in Tonga, his last words being “save my phone-”….

Minnie Mouse Makeover! – Kiwi Kids News Summary

Image & Text Source: https://www.kiwikidsnews.co.nz/minnie-mouse-gets-a-makeover/

Minnie Mouse was created over 100 years ago, and is getting a makeover. She’s ditching her red polka dot dress, for a blue polka dot blazer with matching trousers. The creator of the look, Stella McCartney, has made it in honour of Women’s History Month. Minnie’s classic red bow has been swapped for a blue one, and her yellow shoes for black ones.