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Visual Mihi 2022 – Term 1 DLO

For Term 1 our DLO task was to create a visual mihi. A visual mihi is basically a poster that shows things you are interested in/are important to you. You put your face in the middle, and then have 4 corners where you put your important things. My 4 things are school, country/culture, love & dignity, and the movie/book series Harry Potter.

I love school and learning. It is important to me that I have good grades and a good rep at school. My favourite subject is maths, as it is so interesting and can take you anywhere.

My culture is a huge part of my identity. I am half  Tongan and half pakeha. To represent this I have drawn the Tongan shield, and the national flower of Tonga/Heilala flower.

I appreciate love and believe that everyone should have it. This drawing also represents dignity which I also believe everyone should have.

Harry Potter is a great movie series. My favourite movie is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. My favourite character is Draco Malfoy.


Russian Invasion – Literacy

This week we are focusing on reading, our group is reading about the Russian invasion. We have read a text, and then answered questions. Watched a video and then answered more questions. The final task being a letter to Mr Putin himself. Personally I don’t have an opinion, but what is yours? Enjoy 🙂

What use of transport does Rm 4 use to get to school? – Graphs

This term we are learning about graphs in the subject of: Maths. We recently made our own graphs, we had to come up with our own questions and topics. I chose: What use of transport does Rm 4 use to get to school everyday? Then we also used the data we found to reflect on our topic. Check out my slide to find out more. Enjoy 🙂

Summary: I Am Malala (Prologue) – Homework

The Taliban were out on the streets, and Malala was out at school. Malala was a women who believed that people of the gender: Female, should have the right to go to school. She was top of her class and always made sure to make it, the girls travelled in an old bus. One day the bus stopped suddenly, a man walked in front of the bus, which is what caused the sudden stop. Everyone was confused, wondering what was going on. A man coming from the back jumped into the bus, holding a pistol.

“Which one of you is Malala?!” He shouted.

No one spoke, only looked. Then….  three bullets,  one right through her left eye socket into her shoulder. The others into her friends, Malala was rushed to hospital. This is her story.


Task Description:

This weeks literacy home work was to read a chapter of a book, then do a summary on it. This is a digital book, that we have read for our literacy class. There is only the prologue and first chapter. I read the prologue, so that’s what the summary is about. If you want to read the 2 chapters click: HERE.

Whakatauki – Maori Proverbs

Today we had our first session of extension, we carried on with our topic about marine life. We learned about Whakatauki, which is Maori Proverbs.  Focusing on the marine Whakatauki we chose one and explained what we thought it meant. The whole extension class did this, having 2-4 slides each. Enjoy 🙂