Month: October 2022

Self Reflection – Future Aspirations

Our morning consisted of a program called “Future Aspirations”. 6 men and women came into our space. They talked about their careers and their struggles through life. Tyrone, David, Tanielu, Shaniah, Tia and Haare. Afterwards we asked questions about everything they said. The main thing I took away from the talk was: “Don’t be your own barrier” and “It’s better to be an alien than a sheep”. The first one means, don’t think that you can’t do something without trying. The second one means, don’t be a follower be different. I really enjoyed this and was so interested in their speeches.

Statistics Sleeping Lions #2 – Data Tables

If you haven’t seen my first blog-post on our statistical investigation, check it out here:

This time we have been working on the Data Tables and Averages. Honey has been added to our group, so now we have 4 people. This was great as it gave us more data to work with. In the first column we put our names so we would know what data was who’s. The following being the hours of sleep we get, for this we had 2 9’s and 2 7’s. The last being our well-being column. All ratings were 7 and above. Stay tuned to see how we analyse our data!

Term 3 Project – Extension



Last Terms project was for us to create a piece of artwork based off of our country picked. I chose Russia and created it on phototopea.


My name is Kiarah and today I will be presenting my Term 3 Art Works project. We were tasked to create a graphic piece of artwork with information from our chosen country. I chose Russia. 

Designs such as dots and vines are commonly shown in traditional patterns. I have used squiggly lines to create texture for the border of my centrepiece. Dots are scattered across the screen acting as vines growing out of the flowers, this was made with shapes – circles. Flowers are put in the corners on the top and bottom. I put these in, because I saw that flowers were very common in Russian patterns. I used shapes to create the centre of each petal. Then went in with lines to create texture and a border.

In my centrepiece I have 3 drawings (including the “ArtWorks” sentence),  which I thought represented Russian Culture in some way. Starting with the symbol on the soviet union flag. This symbol is made up of a hammer and sickle. I used shapes and dark colour to create a silhouette effect. Moving onto the traditional headpiece on the side. These headpieces were worn by women on their wedding day and all the way until they had their first child.They all look different, but I used shapes such as circles to create the patterns on the inside. Then I used lines to give a layered effect. We have words which technically are made from lines. These words say – Art Works – in the Russian Language (translated on google translate). 

My colour palette consisted of black, white and different shades of red. I used Black so my colours would pop, but also put in some white so there would be some nice contrast. I used red because it was a colour on the soviet union and russian flag.

Statistics Sleeping Lions – Problem + Plan

This term the first couple of weeks are going to be focused on a statistical investigation. We are working on making graphs, using data and analysing the data afterwards with 2 variables. How many hours of sleep we get and a chosen variable – categorical or discrete data. With this data we are going to see if there is a connection between the two. My group (Finau, Angelica and I) have chosen well-being as our second variable. PPDA means problem, plan, data and analysis. In this blogpost I will be sharing Problem and plan.

On the problem slide we answered 3 questions about our variables.

On the plan slide we answered 3 questions about how we would record our data.