Month: July 2022

We Know the Way – Term 2 Animation

This term we have made an animation about the journey of a sphero. A sphero is a robot that you can code to control what direction it goes in. Since this terms theme is We know the way, we have been tasked to take our spheros around the world. I have picked three places, Brazil, the ocean and the African Savanna. Facts are put in about each place.


Revision Jeopardy Template – Maths

Today for Maths we made our own jeopardy. This was a revision task so we picked topics that we have worked on this term. I picked 5, Multiplication, Squared/Cubed, BEDMAS, Addition and Subtraction. As you can see there are 5 questions in each sections, from 100-800 points. Lets click on 100, in the section multiplication.

When you click on a number of points it shows the question. This ones pretty easy, because its only worth 100 points. Lets work out 50×2.

Once you have worked out the answer you click the space bar to see if you got it right. If you got 100 you are correct!