Ogre and The Princess

Ogre was an unloved fellow. Smelly, weird appetite, unique looks and old clothes. Although he was kind and helpful people seemed to see past that. Except for the beloved Princess. Her name was Elenor, happy, smart, adventurous Elenor. The whole town loved her, she was soon to be married. She didn’t want to get married, but the only way she could save her kingdom was to have a man by her side… 

Ogre lived in the trenches of the forest. This is where the Live for Evil group settled long ago. They were a bad group of creatures and people, trying to take over the kingdom. The group was angry that Elenor didn’t have a strong man to rule by her side. Elenor thought otherwise, she knew that she could rule the kingdom as a strong princess. Even though Elenor felt this way she wanted to save her kingdom so she agreed to an arranged marriage. Princess Elenor was soon to be Queen Elenor.

Prince Alexander was soon to be ruler of Elenors kingdom. Elenor despised him, he had a horrible heart and only wanted power. Again though, she only did this to save her kingdom. To clear her head Elenor would go for long strolls through the fields. One day while picking the flowers she spotted Ogre. She had only met Ogre once, but they connected like they had been friends forever. Ogre held his spiked bat as he walked up to Elenor. 

“Hello Ogre!” Elenor was delighted to see him. 

“Why on earth are you holding that bat?” Ogre looked confused. 

“Haven’t you heard? Live for Evil are coming to invade the kingdom at dawn!” Elenors face went numb, the marriage wasn’t arranged until next month. Elenor was going to have to think fast. This problem had to be solved.

“It’s Seven O’clock, so there is about ten hours before they arrive.” Elenors thinking face showed. She was desperate to find a solution. Ogre turned to her slowly.

“Did they say the marriage had to be in a romantic way?” Elenor looked in hope. 

“What do you mean?”

“You could marry me, but not in a romantic way. It could be a marriage in friendship. Then if you wanted you could divorce me days,weeks or months later.”

“Wait your right, they said nothing about a romantic partner.” Elenor hugged Ogre,

“Thank-you so much for everything Ogre! Meet me at the palace at nine o’clock. I’ll send invitations to everyone!” With that she ran off, with a happy expression all over her face. 

Ogre arrived at the palace in his best clothes, Elenor was wearing a plain dress, blue with flowers. They stood in the far end of the church as people rushed in, including the Live for Evil. The people looked surprised to see a beautiful princess with a lonely Ogre. Elenor didn’t care though, she always said Anything for my kingdom. Saying their vowels it seemed the whole world had gone back to normal. Little did Elenor know, Ogre was a part of the whole plan….

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