Narrative (Image Writing) – The Woods

Narrative – Image Writing

A hike in the woods sounded like a great idea. It was pitch black and no-one was going to come into my room. I thought about it for a second, looking at my door thinking of my mum. It was the perfect time to explore the new city, we just moved here and I didn’t know anyone or anything. I decided to do it, it wouldn’t cause any harm to anyone, right? My head rose up from my pillow, and my legs swept off the bed. I bumped into a few boxes labelled, “Clothes” or “Bed sheets”, but that wouldn’t stop me. My feet felt lighter as I crept to the window. It creaked when I opened it, there was no going back now. I put my foot over the railing and got ready to jump. It wasn’t a long way down but it was a risk. Holding my breath I flew down into the pile of  leaves and grass. CRUNCH! I opened my eyes to a non broken body which I was grateful for. At that moment I realised I had forgotten my torch. I knew this wasn’t a good idea, but as I said before. There was no going back now… 


Woods stood in the distance, only the light from the moon was visible. The silence overpowered sounds of weta in the trees. I couldn’t hear anything, my ears isolated from any form of sound. My mouth,  dry of any taste. Legs and arms, numb like no other feeling. Smell was out of the picture, it felt as if  my nose was clogged with ash. Only one sense left… Sight, the only thing I could do was look. What was happening? Why was I a breathing statue? The moon became brighter. Black figures started to appear. All the same, just different heights. They just stood there, like me. One figure stood tall in the middle, it became closer as time passed. After what seemed like eternity, I could see it, or more accurately. I could see her.


She was beautiful, had dark skin, neat bushy hair, slim concentrated eyes. 

“Artemis.” I don’t know what she said,I couldn’t hear, but she looked gentle. Suddenly I was more calm, the fear had dialled down to a 4/10.  A couple minutes had passed, and she was still standing there. Saying, doing, nothing. My senses had travelled back into my body, I don’t know why. Ears with sound, hands with feeling, mouth with taste and nose with smell. The strange lady stared into my eyes. 

“Artemis, my name is Artemis.”  It felt unreal to hear again, Artemis was a beautiful name. 

“The god of animals and plants.” She paused for a while before speaking again.

“You are special  Diana. There are going to be problems in this city, more specifically this forest. This is my home, this is  my forest and I need you to take care of it. Please…” Artemis, a beautiful god, knew who I was. How is that possible? Just hearing her say my name gave me the chills. The real question was, what was going to happen next?… 


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