Month: March 2022

Dream Holiday – Poster

First Task: For our inquiry task today we had to create our Dream Holiday… With only $15 to spend. We had to pick a Destination, Travelling situation, Accommodation and add on’s. I chose Greece, because I chose an add on that cost $8. This add on was to Pick your own destination.  Second Task: For the second task we had to make a poster of where we were going, with ourselves in it. Since I was going to be staying in a Private Villa that is my background. At the top of the poster I am in the window of a Economy seat, on a plane. Enjoy 🙂

Character Description #3 – Writing

A basketball player from the USA loved her sport. Shaniqua was a dark skinned women, her hair was curly and her eyes big. Shaniqua loved her family, she had 2 brothers and 1 sister. She was the best basketball player at her school and in her state. Her best friend was named Raven, Raven was artistic, but had no interest for sport. Shaniqua was goofy, but on the court she was competitive. Shaniqua was a basketball prodigy.


Character Description #2 – Writing

Recently there have been many killing in the small state of  Alabama. Stench, blood and a knife make up the serial killer Bill. Muscles on the mans hand had formed from the many stabbing’s he has done. Blood trickled throughout his shirt and ripped patches spread down his sleeves. Bill was a simple man, the only thing he would do to kill his victims was a simple stab. Then a slit to the throat, nothing made him more happy.

Character Description – Writing

A born thief, who only stole gold. He accepted little stones here and there, but what he really loved was gold. Alejandro was the name his mother gave him at birth. Although he did not know his mother, or even know what she looked like, Alejandro loved her.  His bright blue eyes stood out, and his smug expression always made him the more scary. Alejandro had a bubbly personality, and always let it show. He was smart, always got away, and never left a trace. Alejandro was the best thief in Europe.

Russian Invasion – Literacy

This week we are focusing on reading, our group is reading about the Russian invasion. We have read a text, and then answered questions. Watched a video and then answered more questions. The final task being a letter to Mr Putin himself. Personally I don’t have an opinion, but what is yours? Enjoy 🙂