Explanation Essay – Topic 1 Practice: G.I is the best community in NZ

Task Description:

Yesterday we practised the introduction of an explanation essay. Today we practised our 1st topic paragraph with the introduction/plan from yesterday. The 1st topic paragraph had to be 6 sentences.



The community puts their full trust into our community centres to entertain our people. Places like Te Oro, where people can dance, sing and have fun. It was created as a group project by the local community, the iwi, Auckland council, the architectural firm Archimedia, musicians and artists. The G.I library has a range of  books for everyone, it was established in 1887 and opened on the 26th of March. They can get lost in a magical world or learn facts about dinosaurs. The Pt England reserve, which was recently updated with a beautiful pathway. The community can enjoy the nature on a peaceful walk,run or cycle.

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