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Malo e lelei,

My name is Kiarah. I am a Year Eight student this year, and I’m in Room Four of Team Five at Pt England School. I have three teachers this year, Miss Hall and Mrs Stone who teach my home/maths class. With Mr Moran teaching my literacy class, he is the home class teacher of Room One.

Last year I was a new Year Seven to the Team Five block. This year I am proud to say that I am a Year Eight Prefect, I lead the school with seven other students. I hope to get far this year and do the best I can with the new position I hold.

 Sports have become a big part of my life, it has helped me become stronger physically and mentally. In past years I have played Tag, Softball, Basketball and my main sport Netball. For this year we will just have to wait and see what comes next.

I aspire to be a lawyer when I get older, as I enjoy debating and helping others in need. This job has been a dream of mine since I was just seven years old.

I can’t wait to see everything that a new year and new me brings!

If you would like to see my previous blog posts, this is my blog from Year’s One-Seven: http://peskiarahs.blogspot.com/

One thought on “About Me – Kiarah 2022

  1. Hi Kiarah,
    Wonderful Introduction/About me, well about you! Congratulations on getting prefect! Very proud of you. I enjoyed how you shared a few sports you played and how it has strengthen you. I also enjoyed how you shared about your dream/career. A lawyer sounds very cool and interesting. I think you are great at debating! I heard that there are different types of lawyers, what kind of lawyer do you wanna be? Cant wait to see what 2022 brings to you!

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