Month: February 2022

Writing Challenge

Light shined through the pale windows of the French restaurant, Oui Oui. They didn’t serve any traditional French cuisine, they served American cuisine! Things like fries, burgers and soda, everything American. A worker was cleaning the windows (because they were dirty) with blue Ajax cleaning spray. A customer had a burger and was waiting for their drink. The Ajax got mistaken for their drink, and they died from the Ajax poison.


Task Description:

I started the writing challenge and then had to cut it short. My story had to be six sentences, and I couldn’t work with that. So they died, enjoy 🙂

Summary: I Am Malala (Prologue) – Homework

The Taliban were out on the streets, and Malala was out at school. Malala was a women who believed that people of the gender: Female, should have the right to go to school. She was top of her class and always made sure to make it, the girls travelled in an old bus. One day the bus stopped suddenly, a man walked in front of the bus, which is what caused the sudden stop. Everyone was confused, wondering what was going on. A man coming from the back jumped into the bus, holding a pistol.

“Which one of you is Malala?!” He shouted.

No one spoke, only looked. Then….  three bullets,  one right through her left eye socket into her shoulder. The others into her friends, Malala was rushed to hospital. This is her story.


Task Description:

This weeks literacy home work was to read a chapter of a book, then do a summary on it. This is a digital book, that we have read for our literacy class. There is only the prologue and first chapter. I read the prologue, so that’s what the summary is about. If you want to read the 2 chapters click: HERE.

Belonging and Community Workbook – Slides

This term we are learning all about the words BELONGING and COMMUNITY. Throughout the term we are going to be working through this: Workbook. Today we watched a video and answered a few questions. Look at my next blog post to see the Poster!

Explanation Essay (Practice Test) – Special Place in the Community

A Special place in the Community: Panmure Basin

  1. The Skate Park – Helps coordination, gives a fun hobby, help you get in shape

  2. Nature – Reduces Stress, The sun gives you vitamin D, helps eyesight 

  3. Friendly for all types of people – Large walking base, very flat (no bumps), good for scooters, bikes etc.

The perfectly circled walk of Panmure Basin, is a special place. This 3.2 km and 30 minute stroll has lots to offer. You can go for a joyful skate, and try out some new tricks. Relieve some stress with the sunlight or look at the beautiful trees. Even just going for a simple walk with your family members.

The skate park is fun and fitness in one. There are more than ten boxes, ramps and rails to do tricks on. This provides help with coordination in your hands, eyes, legs and feet. Coordination doesn’t only assist with physical health, but boosts self confidence. Skating is a hobby for a lot of people. The skatepark gives a quick and easy place to feed this hobby. There are just under 100 million skaters world wide. It is important to do things that are fun, but also help your body in a physical state. Skating helps with physical health, and improves your stamina.

There is nature all around. Trees, bushes, grass, birds, the Sun and much more. Studies have shown that being around nature helps with physical and mental health. It lowers blood pressure, reduces nervous behaviours and improves your overall mood. Being in sunlight has many benefits, it gives you an important vitamin. This vitamin being Vitamin D, it is needed for maintaining healthy and strong bones. Nature gives your eyes a chance to define things far in the distance. Your eyes can benefit from nature too!

The walk is friendly for all types of people. From a family to the elderly, everyone can enjoy it. The walking space is wide, meaning families can walk and enjoy each other’s company. Scooters and bikes can ride with a large space beside.It is very flat, with only few bumps. Meaning that it is friendly for the elderly, they can walk and appreciate the experience. 

From a skatepark to long walks, those are the things that make the Panmure Basin special. Many other things lay around the basin, but these are the most noticeable. Panmure Basin is a special place, and has a place in people’s hearts.


Task Description:

Today in Literacy we had a practice test. Tomorrow we have a real test, so we thought we would just prepare for it. We were tasked to write an explanation essay about a special place in our community. I chose the Panmure Basin, read my essay to learn more!

Explanation Essay – Topic 1 Practice: G.I is the best community in NZ

Task Description:

Yesterday we practised the introduction of an explanation essay. Today we practised our 1st topic paragraph with the introduction/plan from yesterday. The 1st topic paragraph had to be 6 sentences.



The community puts their full trust into our community centres to entertain our people. Places like Te Oro, where people can dance, sing and have fun. It was created as a group project by the local community, the iwi, Auckland council, the architectural firm Archimedia, musicians and artists. The G.I library has a range of  books for everyone, it was established in 1887 and opened on the 26th of March. They can get lost in a magical world or learn facts about dinosaurs. The Pt England reserve, which was recently updated with a beautiful pathway. The community can enjoy the nature on a peaceful walk,run or cycle.

Whakatauki – Maori Proverbs

Today we had our first session of extension, we carried on with our topic about marine life. We learned about Whakatauki, which is Maori Proverbs.  Focusing on the marine Whakatauki we chose one and explained what we thought it meant. The whole extension class did this, having 2-4 slides each. Enjoy 🙂

Explanation Essay – Introduction Practice: G.I is the best community in NZ


G.I, the community that makes a change. This small, but distinctive community is located close to the waters of  Tamaki estuary. It offers schools, with lot’s of learning opportunities. People who are unique and stay true to themselves. You can find most of these people at community centres like Te Oro, or reading a book at our local library.

Task Description:

Yesterday we practised the plan of an explanation essay. Today we practised our introduction with the plan from yesterday. The introduction had to be 5 sentences.

Five women disqualified from Olympics due to clothing infringements – Kiwi Kids News Summary

The International Ski Federation, was barraged from competitors after a number of disqualifications due to clothing in the ski jump competition. The country’s of Germany, Austria, Norway and Japan ached when disqualification fell open their team mates for suit infringements. This causing anger and tears from the competitors.Each team was made up of two women and two men, and all five of those people who were disqualified identified as women.Wind resistance plays a important part in ski jumping, skis and suits are checked by officials to make sure that competitors have not done anything to gain an unfair advantage.The judges at the ski jump declined to comment when asked to do so by Norwegian journalists.